About Us

Words from CEO

Only way to measure a company’s potential is client satisfaction which can be achieved by providing flawless service which in turn requires happy employees.

sCloud Systems is an Information Technology Services firm headquartered in Pleasanton, California with offices in the United States and India. sCloud Systems was founded with a vision to provide IT services at the best value to our customers. As a leading IT consulting and Solutions Company, sCloud Systems offers a wide range and best-in-class suite of expertise aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their business to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace. There’s always room for you to grow at sCloud Systems that’s our commitment to you.

  • At sCloud Systems, we strive for nothing short of excellence. To ensure that we deliver the quality products and services to our customers, we intern depends on our resources.
  • A Client Oriented Organization focused on total client satisfaction. sCloud Systems offers a world class solution and services to all our clients and support services of experienced personal.

To meet client expectations by providing the best possible people, products and services they need or want. Our main motive is to foster our clients’ success every step of the way and our commitment to client satisfaction strengthens and extends our relationships.


  • Be the leading expert in the job market.
  • Improve our operations through innovative concepts.
  • Understand the job seeker and organizations’ needs.
  • Provide prompt follow-up and open communication.
  • Give back to the community through various channels of volunteering and outreach programs.

Why Us?

sCloud Systems keeps constant focus on innovation and continuous development of technology to achieve a quick breakthrough in technology and the projects on which you will be working will provide total support for you to live with the world.

  • Our growth strategy is to build positions in new markets where we can achieve superior growth and returns.
  • sCloud Systems believes in providing total support to its people in providing opportunities to enhance their skill sets and also for acquisition of innovative skills by way of training and development programs to meet the growing needs of the industry.
  • We see our size as strength, not a deterrent and we encourage our employees to take risks and think outside the box.
  • At Eximius, you work with some of the brightest people. We believe it’s a place where you can live your dreams and pursue a career that reflects your skills and passions. Our culture is built on core values that promote learning and inclusiveness. Fair and equitable opportunities are given to each performer for their career growth
  • sCloud Systems people are some of the best in the world with a desire to learn and stretch beyond their limits. Our people make Eximius a great company and an exciting place to work
  • Our people and our culture drive us to achieve greater success. We look for new and exciting ways to return value to our customers.

Company Values

For us, the idea that each member of the sCloud Systems team embraces these values is of the utmost importance. We genuinely strive to be one of the best staffing firms out there and the only way we can do that is through an honest commitment to these values.

  • To exceed our clients’ expectations.
 We recognize that consistency is critical to the achievement of our mission. We always act with a sense of urgency, respond quickly to client needs, and meet our commitments to provide only the best staffing services.
  • To be committed to continual improvement. We strive to enhance the value of our people by providing training and encouragement to develop themselves. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We seek to encourage innovative thinking that will enhance our ability to reduce labour cost and find talent for hard to fill positions
  • Accountability.
 We set high performance expectations and hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our work and the results we achieve as individuals, as team members and as a company.
  • Entrepreneurship.
 We encourage non-traditional thinking and appropriate risk-taking, which provide opportunities to learn and grow as individuals and as businesses.
  • Legacy We strive not just to create perfect present but also to create a future that will have a positive impact the lives of others.